Project Objectives and Activities

T-ACT is a project where we will be introducing learning lines for information literacy and active citizenship in parts of the Flemish school system. The design of this project was originally based on the needs and challenges presented by AGSO, the public school system operator of the city of Antwerp, but we are also looking at integration with other school systems and different countries and regions.


We want to:

  • improve competencies of SE educators;
  • improve learners' resilience and active social engagement;
  • come up with a model for teaching competencies for active citizenship and information literacy;
  • provide high-quality teaching support and digital learning resources;
  • produce comprehensive learning lines for the two priority domains and map them across the target curriculum;
  • establish the possible training intervention points alongside the continuous curriculum


We plan to:

  • design learning lines template;
  • map information literacy and active citizenship learning lines across the pilot curriculum;
  • determine training intervention points across the curriculum;
  • design digital impact visualiser tool (IMPACTO);
  • run learners and teachers survey on engaging topics;
  • produce learning resources for information literacy and active citizenship;
  • develop teaching strategies;
  • produce web app;
  • run demonstration event in Antwerp;
  • conduct 3 partner cooperation workshops.