Learning Lines for Teaching Advanced Critical Thinking


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Development of key competencies:

Information literacy and active citizenship are composed of skill elements which benefit both teachers and learners. Teachers will become more confident users of digital resources. With the project, we directly address the need for more active civic engagement and participation in public life. As a consequence of improved information literacy, people develop their critical thinking skills and build the skill of producing quality arguments, articulating ideas, involving others, bridging communication gaps and misunderstandings arising from differences in cultures and social

Supporting teachers, school leaders and other teaching professionals:

TACT supports the continuous professional
development of teaching professionals and sharing science-based know-how on cognitive mechanisms. Using learning lines, teachers can help their learners build skills related to active citizenship and information literacy using detailed case studies and topics of interest. Teaching becomes more effective when it is delivered via examples and activities collated in case studies. Teachers and educators will now know what training intervention is recommended as the next step for each of their groups, and different teachers may engage with learners in different subjects and time periods. This boosts partnership between peers.

Common values, civic engagement and participation:

TACT is entirely focused on information literacy and active citizenship. We are proposing a novel model - using learning lines - for continuous (cross-subject and cross-education levels) and consistent training interventions in support of these two key themes. Our intent is to help build confidence in
educators, support their work on the themes and contribute to learners’ increased digital literacy, information literacy, social and civic participation, and democratic engagement.

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