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T-ACT consortium includes five organisations from four EU member countries: Belgium, Bulgaria, Czech Republic and Portugal.

Get to know T-ACT partner organisations and team members

AG Stedelijk Onderwijs Antwerpen” (AgSO) is the public authority centre for the Municipal Education of Antwerp. The Municipal Education includes 116 schools on 172 locations spread over Antwerp. It can count on more than 6.500 employees and 55.000 learners in the fields of preschool and primary education, secondary education, special education, adult education and part-time art education. The municipal education of Antwerp is founded in 1819 with the ambition to offer accessible and qualitative education for everyone. The situation is no different today, as the city's diversity is reflected in our diverse school population. We can count on 165 nationalities among our entire student population.

Artesis Plantijn University of Applied Sciences (AP) is a higher education institution located in Antwerp, Belgium. In its current form, AP is a rather young university, resulting from the merger of two universities with a large history: Artesis University College and Plantijn University College. Since 2010 the university is also hosting several programmes for adult education and vocational training. Nowadays AP has 14.000 students and 1.725 staff members and offers 28 bachelor programmes, 8 art programmes and 16 associate degree programmes, clustered into 6 faculties and 2 schools of arts. The purpose of the university is to provide higher education in a pluralistic perspective, focusing on active recognition and appreciation of the various ideological, philosophical and religious ideologies and founded on the principle of independent governance.

NTCenter (NTC) is a private adult education and training company established in 1999. We promote innovative education and training practices through research projects, international partnerships, and collaborations with other educational organizations and the private sector. NTCenter has a strong research profile in education and training methodologies, project management, and administration. We specialize in training methodologies for adult education, competency-based assessment systems, curricula development, special education needs, entrepreneurship, diversity management, and applied solutions against mis/disinformation. NTCenter also provides training for teachers and project-based assessment methodologies, as well as teaching strategies based on cognitive science.

Euroface Consulting is a consulting and training organisation with 15 yrs of experience, located in Kromeriz (Southern Moravia). Development and implementation of information and communication technologies into education is our core focus: the creation of interactive tools, innovative learning resources, websites, providing ICT courses, and transfer of ICT innovation. Euroface is engaged in fostering equal opportunities in education and the labour market, in particular. Our team provides individual career and personal counselling and closely cooperates with schools and organisations responsible for teachers training with the aim to enhance teachers’ competencies.

Delft Digital Learning (DDL) is a consulting, training and online course production company that provides a full range of digital learning services to empower people and organisations to improve their performance through learning with technologies.
DDL’s consultancy services cover the development of digital learning strategies for corporate and educational institutions, including the creation and implementation of pedagogical models, open education business models, learning environment adoption and digital education transformation plans. Tailor-made training is offered to accelerate the development of digital learning skills, promoting active learning strategies in both online and hybrid learning contexts.

Team Members

Meet our lead team members and what they have to say

During my visits to secondary schools, I have witnessed a strong interest among teachers who eagerly seek to enhance their knowledge and receive relevant support. With the recent advancements in artificial intelligence, T-ACT ensures that educators and learners stay abreast of the ever-evolving learning environment, ready to embrace the future with confidence and curiosity!

Anja Hicketick
Anja Hicketick

From AP, Belgium

Being a mother of two teenagers brings plenty of challenges to face everyday. And staying on the same page, keeping the pace with them is a challenge of its own. The newest technologies can help with all of these when one knows how to tackle them and tame to their own benefit. The educators need good „weapons“ and knowledge to sustain in this world. And our project could serve as one of those „weapons“. We all know how to talk the talk but do we really know how to walk the walk?

picture Lucie1
Lucie Rose

From Euroface Consulting, Czech Republic

I am deeply grateful for the opportunity to be part of the Erasmus+
T-ACT project. It has not only enriched my understanding of information literacy and active citizenship but has also equipped me with the tools to contribute meaningfully to society. I believe that the impact of this project will extend far beyond my personal development, as it has the potential to empower countless others on their journeys towards becoming informed, engaged, and responsible citizens.

photo Milena
Milena Zvancharova

From NTCenter, Bulgaria

During my teaching career, I became aware of the importance of media literacy. A lot of professionals in education are still struggling with the usage and misusage of new technologies. With these technologies critical thinking and being information literate is crucial to organize a healthy and democratic European society. I’m very grateful to work as a philosopher and educational supporter on these topics, hoping to extend, engage and enhance classrooms with sustainable and healthy use of technology.

Niels Van Hoof

From AGSO, Belgium

As an elearning developer and educator, I am proud to be part of the Erasmus+ T-ACT project. By equipping teachers and learners with the skills and knowledge they need to navigate an increasingly complex world, it empowers them to become agents of positive transformation. The T-ACT project lays the foundation for informed decision-making and responsible civic action. The learners will become discerning consumers and creators of knowledge. In doing so, it not only fosters a culture of critical inquiry but also lays the groundwork for a more resilient and informed society.

Elsa Oliveira

From DDL, Portugal