T-ACT Project Team Makes Progress in Antwerp Meeting

Impacto visualisation, work in progress, 23/1/2024

The T-ACT project team met in Antwerp on January 23 and 24 for an important two-day meeting. It was a big step forward for the project.

The meeting started with a discussion on the template and content for the learning activities and resources in support of the learning lines in the domains of active citizenship and information literacy. Interim results from the online survey on engaging topics among teachers and learners were presented. The survey was run in each partner country in order to identify the range of social, cultural and political topics which the respondents find engaging at present. The survey findings allow us to focus on such topics when we plan for and design the resources and content bundles in support of each learning line.

One of the main topics of the meeting was IMPACTO, a new online tool. Based on desktop research into the social systems affected by the deficits in information literacy and active citizenship we design a visualisation tool (IMPACTO, interactive web app) which will allow education practitioners to locate how a specific training intervention in, say, development of critical thinking, impacts the social debate or public health policies. The tool will help teachers remain focused and with a clear understanding of their contribution to the effectiveness of the entire learning line. IMPACTO will allow educators to trace back competences and constituent elements based on a selection of an individual social system. NTCenter and DDL presented how it looks and how it can help people learn better. The team also worked together figering out how to use IMPACTO with real-life examples.

The meeting concluded with action points that will guide the project’s next phases, including the enhancement of IMPACTO with real and fictional cases, the integration of additional resources, and the development of a user-friendly website interface.

During this Antwerp meeting the team addressed key decisions and enhancements that will reinforce the T-ACT project’s results. There was an excellent collaboration between the project team members who remain commited to transform learning process through innovative tools and approaches.

T-ACT meeting focuses on the first project results

The project team at Startup Leiria, 02/5/2023

In a bid to address the challenges surrounding critical thinking in education, the project partners convened their second project meeting in Leiria, Portugal. T-ACT aims to enhance the educational landscape by equipping teachers and learners with the necessary skills to navigate and evaluate information critically.

During the meeting, the team members discussed the surveys which will be conducted among teachers and learners in order to identify the social, cultural and political topics which they find engaging at present. These will later be used to plan for and design the resources and content in support of the learning lines developed in the two main domains – active citizenship and information literacy. Further, the developed competences for the two domains were reviewed and refined.

The project meeting concluded with a roadmap for the upcoming steps, including pilot testing the learning lines and tools in selected schools. The project team expressed their enthusiasm for the project’s potential to transform education and acknowledged the importance of collaboration among teachers, researchers, and policymakers to ensure its success.

Promising Beginning: Kick-off meeting sets T-ACT on path to success

The project team at Hendrik Conscience Heritage Library, 28/11/2022

T-ACT kick-off meeting took place on 28 and 29 November 2022 in Antwerp, Belgium. The host of the meeting AGSO chose two convenient venues one of which was the magnificent Hendrik Conscience Heritage Library. During the two working days, the partners get familiar with the planned T-ACT activities and results and started the real work on the project. The workshop format of the meeting gave the team members the opportunity to immerse themselves deeply in the project content and to write the first drafts of the Work Package 2 expected results. The kick-off was very productive and paved the road to sound project implementation and the team members left the meeting with a clear understanding of their roles and responsibilities and a solid plan for moving forward.